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Proline 3" Dredge

Before the Proline 2.5" dredge was created, the 3" dredge was the smallest machine available that could be equipped with an air compressor for diving. Most 3" dredges are very close in size to the 4" dredges, and most all are powered by the same engine/pump combination. Not all 3" dredges are created equal.

When we designed the Proline 3" flair dredge, we built a machine that we feel addresses most of the problems associated with the 3" size. Our 3" dredge is considerably smaller in size than our 4". It floats on its own set of pontoons which are well matched for the weight and size of this dredge. Like our larger dredges, the frame bolts together and is made lighter for weight savings. The smaller flotation and frame allow this dredge to be considerably narrower, shorter, and lighter than the 4". This dredge is powered by a 5.5 horse power Honda engine and our HP 300 pump, which is the only pump on the market made specifically for the 3" equipment.

Our 3" is the smallest dredge we manufacture which utilizes our exclusive "sure flow" coupler. This tried and true system has essentially eliminated all surface rock jams. Conventional dredges develop their vacuum with a power jet made of steel tubing.

This tube creates a restriction inside the hose and is responsible for most of the plug ups encountered when dredging. Proline 3" and larger dredges will not plug at the jet because the jet is internally larger than the hose. Another advantage of using the "sure flow" coupler is that it stays on the end of the hose and acts like a quick connector, making it easier to put the dredge hose on and off. The jet and flair are all one piece. It is made of thick polyethylene plastic and will usually outlast the heavier steel power jets by 400%.

The sluice box is constructed of aircraft quality aluminum and is fully welded for maximum strength. Like all of our other powered products, the 3" uses "Nomad" matting for the full length of the sluice box. This dredge has a very similar "wave classifier" and riffle design to our 4", but has been fine tuned for the water flow and smaller gravel handling capacity of the 3". The fine gold recovery of this unit is unmatched.

If you are considering purchasing a 3" dredge, we urge you to compare the features of our machine with any other dredge on the market. There is simply no other 3" dredge that will perform with it. We guarantee it!

  • Engine: Honda 5.5 hp
  • Intake hose: 2-1/2" x 36"
  • Pump: HP 300
  • High pressure hose: 1-1/2" x 60"
  • Sluice box: 14" x 48"
  • Weight: 155 lbs.
  • Footvalve: Proline 2.5" steel
  • Air compressor: T-80 Dredge hose: 3" x 15 ft. C
  • apacity: Up to 8 cubic yards per hour
  • Flotation: 2 polyethylene floats; 11-1/2" x 41" x 65"

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